Hearing loss is the most common health issue in the modern world. It will affect a person’s daily communication and impact other health issues, and it truly enables us to socialize ourselves in both personal and professional life.

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Hearing Testing

5.Tinnitus (Evaluation) Testing
6. glycerol Test
7.C- Vemp
10.Caloric test
11. Finger- Nose test
Hearing aids:

Invisible custom made cosmetic hearing aids (SIC, ITC, IIC, ITE)
RIE (Recover in the ear) Hearing aids.
BTE (Behind the ear) Hearing aids.
Note: Hearing aids has rechargeable battery, Bluetooth technology features.

Hearing aid accessories

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Cochlear implants

We have tremendous experience with children and are very meticulous about their hearing function and speech restoration.

We have a specialty in increasing success rates.

We are offering the least expensive and most life-changing technology

Cochlear implants are very different from hearing aids. Hearing aids amplify the sounds but the cochlear implants bypass the portions of the ear that is damaged and sends the signals to brain via stimulating the auditory nerve. This is recommended for sever and profound hearing loss. Implants doesn’t restore the damaged parts but it will enable deafened people to hear & understand the sounds. It required surgical proceedings.


This type of hearing aid is completely custom. Completely in the canal, hearing aids fit inside the ear and are out of sight.

A CIC hearing aid is molded to fit inside the ear canal and improves hearing ability by amplifying sounds. CICs fit deep inside the canal and are almost invisible.


Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are placed inside the ear canal, and a thin, hair-like receiver is used instead of plastic tubes. They are also smaller in size when compared with behind-the-ear hearing aids.


A behind-the-ear hearing aid hooks directly over the top of the ear and rests behind the ear. The hearing aid rests behind the ear, and a plastic tube directs amplified sounds into the ear tips or customized ear mold that is fitted inside the canal.